Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

These are the photos taken by Stott & Atkinson Photography for our pre-wedding photoshoot.

The purpose of this shoot was for us to get comfortable with their style of photography so the actual day wasn’t so awkward. It meant that no time would be wasted on the wedding day as they would be used to us as well.

These photos were all taken at Oakwell Hall on June 29th 2012.

Thomas and Lisa-1.jpgThomas and Lisa-10.jpgThomas and Lisa-11.jpgThomas and Lisa-12.jpgThomas and Lisa-13.jpgThomas and Lisa-14.jpgThomas and Lisa-15.jpgThomas and Lisa-16.jpgThomas and Lisa-17.jpgThomas and Lisa-18.jpgThomas and Lisa-19.jpgThomas and Lisa-2.jpgThomas and Lisa-20.jpgThomas and Lisa-21.jpgThomas and Lisa-22.jpgThomas and Lisa-23.jpgThomas and Lisa-24.jpgThomas and Lisa-25.jpgThomas and Lisa-26.jpgThomas and Lisa-27.jpgThomas and Lisa-28.jpgThomas and Lisa-29.jpgThomas and Lisa-3.jpgThomas and Lisa-30.jpgThomas and Lisa-31.jpgThomas and Lisa-32.jpgThomas and Lisa-33.jpgThomas and Lisa-34.jpgThomas and Lisa-35.jpgThomas and Lisa-36.jpgThomas and Lisa-4.jpgThomas and Lisa-5.jpgThomas and Lisa-6.jpgThomas and Lisa-7.jpgThomas and Lisa-8.jpgThomas and Lisa-9.jpg
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